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The OM Chanting Workshop is open to everyone who would like to know more about OM and OM Chanting. The workshop is not required to participate in an OM Chanting circle, but it is one of the criteria necessary for becoming an OM Chanting Organiser.

In the OM Chanting Workshop, you will learn about the cosmic sound of OM, the origins and power of the OM Chanting technique and how to share it with others by leading an OM Chanting circle.

Learn more about OM:

  • Meaning and symbolism of OM
  • Sound in various religions and science
  • Healing potential of OM
  • OM vibration exercise
  • OM Meditation

Learn more about OM Chanting:

  • OM Chanting history
  • What happens during an OM Chanting circle
  • Organisational guidelines: How to build up OM Chanting in your area
  • Qualifications to become an OM Chanting Organiser
  • Cities of Light Campaign

Interested, but the timing isn’t right? 

If this date and time are not a good fit for you, please contact a OM Chanting Workshop Teacher to set up a class that works for you.

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Please send an email to name@bhaktimarga.xx, or call TEACHER-PHONE-HERE.