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Mudras are energised gestures made with the hands and body. The purpose of using them is to purify your energetic pathways which supports your spiritual advancement. They also help you become stronger and more physically balanced.

Each mudra activates, purifies and balances the elements in your body in its own unique way. They enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and improve energy flow, harmonising and strengthen you in your daily life.

In this course, you will learn mudras for:

  • Divine protection
  • Fulfilling wishes
  • Strengthening immune system
  • Improving eyesight
  • Releasing negativity
  • Improving physical power and health
  • Cleansing your aura
  • Losing weight
  • Protection from negativity
  • Connecting with the Divine

Is Mudra II right for me?

  • Mudra classes are open to everyone.
  • There are no age restrictions, even children can learn and practise mudras.
  • Since mudras use your own body energies, there are no health restrictions.

Interested, but the timing isn’t right? 

If this date and time are not a good fit for you, please contact a Mudra II Teacher to set up a class that works for you.

Registračné údaje

Please send an email to teachername@bhaktimarga.xx, or call TEACHER-PHONE-HERE.