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Project Mantra is a free, guided program to help you gradually build up an easy, yet powerful mantra chanting practice over 40 days. The program is perfect for beginners looking for a simple, effective tool to help quiet the mind, open the heart and gain a more positive outlook on life. Project Mantra helps you:

  • Calm the over-activity of your mind
  • Infuse your whole being with the vibration of Divine Love
  • Establish a positive daily habit of connecting with the Divine within

This event will introduce you to Project Mantra and give you everything you need to start the Project and begin chanting right away. Come dive into the beauty and mystery of chanting the Divine Name and learn how to turn every repetition into a heartfelt prayer.

Is Project Mantra right for me?

  • Project Mantra is open to everyone.
  • There are no age restrictions. Even children can participate, the chanting time can be adjusted to suit their age.
  • There are no health restrictions to participate.

Interested, but the timing isn’t right?

If this date and time are not a good fit for you, please contact a Project Mantra teacher to give you an introduction to the Project. They will be happy to set up a time that works for you.

Chanting the Divine Names is the most efficient way of controlling the mind. Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda

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Please send an email to name@bhaktimarga.xx, or call TEACHER-PHONE-HERE.